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Update July 3, 2010

Filed under: posts — Katie @ 3:27 pm

6/30 Parents sign contract with realtor officially hiring her (finally)so we could offer on a house.

7/1 Bike ride with brothers Judah and Mike,stopped to pet neighbor’s ponies,probably should have asked . . . oh well! ;P  Come home to find I’m in trouble with the Law cuz’ I didn’t finish cleaning my bedroom and doing my school. Classic.

7/2  Another  bike ride with brothers, a little hotter out so I got a little tired.

7/3 Today’s Mom’s birthday, she’s turning 37. I’m making her strawberry-shortcake. We started this thing that on someones birthday at the party we all give a little speech on how much we appreciate them and how much they mean to us.(a great way to earn favor ;P ) -Katie   hmm thats a short post,probably should have held off a few more days . . . but then look at that cool little button that says publish! It’s blue to,one of my favorite colors! lol


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