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Fireworks show July 5, 2010

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So,the fireworks.

-5:00 Started off for the the beach,a 1 hr. drive.

-6:00 Arrive at beach,miraculously find parking for our 12 passenger van.

-6:05 Look for a spot to put up our umbrella,extremely crowded, again we miraculously find a clear spot.

-6:07 Dip my toes in the water(a wise precaution) only to find that it’s ice-cold.No swimming for me!

-6:10 Dig a hole.

-6:15 Digging hole.

-6:20 Taking pictures,lots of pictures.

-7:00 Make everyone PB&J’s,in a slightly unorganized fashion. OK, in a very unorganized fashion.

-7:01 Still making sandwiches.

-7:10 Eating,finally.

-8:00 Playing catch with people who can’t catch(Betsy,Mike,Jimmy)

-9:00 Take pictures of AWESOME sunset.

-9:10 Wondering when the show starts.Admire purple sky.Take pictures of purple sky. Have to use the Restroom,not willing to wait the line out.

-9:20 Wondering if that little bit of sparkle in the far distance is it.

-9:35  Finally! the show starts! I put camera on already set up tripod.

-9:45  Wrestle with the camera trying to get a good photo. notice the singular tense.

-10:15 Really? It’s over already? That was short. Shorter than where we usually go at least.

-10:30 Start for the car,stare in awe at the traffic.

-10:33 We’re all in the car,Jimmy’s whining cuz’ he has to go,I tell him he’s not the only one. now if only we could get out of this parking space . . .

-10:45 Cheering for those who get out of the parking lot onto the road. someone just drove over the curb,well,they did have a crying baby in the back seat, so they’re forgiven.

-11:00 OK,we are officially the last ones out of the parking lot.Would you look at the traffic.We’ll see if I can hold it the whole way home.

We made it! I won’t even mention the fact that it’s 12:23 and that a lot of us fell asleep in the car (including me) just cuz’ it was so fun!

Today we’re having friends over for s’mores instead of going to Karate. At least,I hope.We haven’t heard back from them yet.

So! pictures! I’ll post those in a min. cuz’ I need to get off the computer,like right now. -Katie


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