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An interesting turn of events July 9, 2010

Filed under: posts — Katie @ 10:01 pm

So it’s like this,when we were still trying to find a house Mom and Dad went to look at one but came home and said it was too small. Then she told some friends about it saying that it was really great,the aforesaid friends then went to look at it themselves and now they want to move too! Isn’t that right Andreas?


2 Responses to “An interesting turn of events”

  1. Andreas Says:

    Yes, that’s right. But too small? I can understand crowded, but too small? It’s perfect! And there’s a state park down the road! AND A POOL! :D

  2. Katie Says:

    Yes! And you can invite us over to swim in it! AWESOME 4th of July movie by the way ;D

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