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Jimmy’s b-day July 11, 2010

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So,Jimmy had his birthday today even though tomorrow is the actual date,because Mom and Dad are having the house we’re moving to inspected. We might go to our friends house tomorrow cuz’ it’s kind of long (the inspection) ;D   This time you’ll actually get pics’ cuz’ this time I held the camera ;P  -Katie p.s. the other day we saw a documentary about emotions. This Emotional Life, episode 3- Rethinking Happiness. It was very interesting,alot of it was true,such as people needing other people to be happy. I really got that part,there are several people in my life I couldn’t live without ;(  (such as my family and a few friends ;) )

hmm,he has a nice smile. ps. he looks like me ;P

the cake mess (hint, jacob made it) there's more behind the scenes ;/ well,at least HE cleaned it. and not me.

too much party ;)


3 Responses to “Jimmy’s b-day”

  1. judah Says:

    That’s strange, were’s ME! I want to be on your post TO. buy the way you should have a pic of me

  2. Katie Says:

    Thanks for all the false votes buster >:(

  3. Katie Says:

    oh dear! I forgot to mention the cat up there! she’s at the top of the list.

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