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A VERY busy day July 21, 2010

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So, today we went blueberry picking with the R’s, minus Hannah that is (*sniff sniff)   And the blueberries were free cuz’ the field was abandoned, though an abandoned  field is not exactly the best place to wear a skirt,seeing that I ripped the one I was wearing . After we had picked for awhile ( didn’t get that many, wonder why ;P ) we ( both our family’s ) went to the C’s house (they live a couple minutes away) to eat our lunch and play with the kids, well, it’s more like the kids chased Andreas all over the place ;)     At about 2′ our family had to leave cuz’ the chimney at the new house was being . . . uh, whats it called when some people come and tell you how much its going to cost to fix stuff? Oh yeah an estimate. ( sheesh I really forgot!) Anyway,today was fun.  . .  again. -Katie  ps. Come to find out Mom only went for the berries ;P  plus i’m gonna have to post the pics tomorrow cuz we have a ” computer free time” and thats uh right now ;D


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  1. Katie Says:

    come on! why can’t anybody leave comments!

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