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On our own ;) July 24, 2010

Filed under: photos,posts — Katie @ 8:22 pm

So Ace, Chris, an me are “home alone” for awhile while everyone else is at the antique store. Ace needed to take a nap ( which he isn’t doing, by the way ) and I didn’t want to go (i mean come on! it even sounds boring!) Anyway that means a few illegal things are bound to happen (such as ice-cream) even bunny joined. -Katie ps. i’m learning this awesome song on the piano called (you’ve probly heard of it) “Canon” by Pachelbel. When I’m done I’ll record it and post the recording.  p.p.s. while blueberry picking Jimmy managed to get himself a severe case of poison ivy,bad enough that Mom got the doctor to give him steroids ;P

a couple silly faces i drew a few days ago ;P


s-sorry Steve!

Go green! Save planet! Save trees . . . thats some severe over packaging Mr. Energizer


2 Responses to “On our own ;)”

  1. Andreas Says:

    I love that episode of Blues Clues!

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