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Gnats! July 26, 2010

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A word for the wise, from the wise (Me) : never open you mouth in the kitchen,or dining room, for that matter. I haven’t counted, but there’s more gnats in our house than people! (and thats a lot!) I’d post a pic’ but I can’t get close enough to take one. (hint: they make me feel like barfing) We’ve set out jars of vinegar with holes poked in the lids hoping to catch them,*shudder*. Jacob even boiled some vinegar before putting it in the jars,I told him not to, but Mom said to let him try,he was being a scientists.(all it did was stink up the house,which I knew was going to happen,by the way) for those of you who don’t recall, Jacob is the 17 year old one (oh well, he’ll learn)  -Katie


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