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Funny stuff July 26, 2010

Filed under: posts — Katie @ 12:55 am

So,our church had a couple visitors today,one of them a teenaged girl. So,during break I headed over to talk to her (but not before 123ing (counting. in my head of course) Later I (pardon the pun) recounted the event to Mom (she was really proud of me cuz’ I have a hard time talking to People I Don’t Know (aka. strangers) Judah though, being in the same room as I told the story,exlamed in a sarcastic tone -“Yeah,she counts 123 when she goes and she counts 321 when she leaves!”  “Penguins!” I say (the good sport that I am)  just as Mom starts to speak -“No,she says 321 Penguins!”  (see? I am physic! ;D ) How is it i’m always the one She accuses of stealing Her words?!  *mumbling* i didn’t even do anything!

Karate tomorrow,though it won’t be as fun as usual,the R’s aren’t going.They’re going to visit they’re grandma ;/   -Katie ps. got myself GIMP ;)   ( well,its more like Dad got it for me ;P


2 Responses to “Funny stuff”

  1. Andreas Says:

    So, hows GIMP?

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