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A visit to the Doctor July 30, 2010

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So I have this thing in my face, its like a little tumor of a sort. We had no idea what it was,and Mom was worried that it might be “bad”. So, with this in mind Mom took me to the doctor,and it turned out to be – *drumroll*  Polymatrixoma!  look it up cuz’ I have no idea how to explain it. Anyway, its got to be removed, well it doesn’t have to but it might get bigger so having it removed via plastic surgery would be a good idea. -Katie Ps. Mom bought Lily a new dress today at Target. We put it on Her -no, not you Hannah (H.E.R. took offense at the banana thing)-  after she,uh, got “dirty”. Oh I’ve been annoying my brothers all day by singing “I just called tosay I love you” by Stevie Wonder,really the only song by him I like ;P

a new dress! (and headband)

Sorry, it’s called Pilomatrixoma (no wonder spellcheck said it was wrong ;P )


4 Responses to “A visit to the Doctor”

  1. Andreas Says:

    I believe it’s spelled Pilomatrixoma.
    Get better!
    Will I get to see you Monday?

    • Katie Says:

      Yes, sorry, it is spelled that way, and any pics you see on the subject are much worse than my case. About mon. – Depends on if my room is clean ;P

      • Andreas Says:

        lol. Actually, there will be no karate due to VBS.
        I heard–if your room is clean–that you guys might be going with us to VBS?

      • Katie Says:

        Sadly, no. Unless we go to help out, which I’m sure you could arrange . . .

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