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Driving Lessons August 8, 2010

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I can’t believe shoveling mulch for 5 minutes gave me blisters . . . Anyway!  Yesterday Mom gave Jacob and I driving lessons. Jacob had driven before but I hadn’t, so for me it was my first time, and it was awesome! I learned the basics, the gas pedal, the brake pedal, turn signal, oh, and I also  learned the hard way that the gas pedal is very sensitive ;P just as much as the steering wheel is insensitive.(I uh, ran over some landscaping. hehe ) I also learned that you use the right foot for both the gas and the brake, kind of weird.  Jacob got to have his turn in a neighborhood, which in Mom’s words was “hair-raising”. What was that little squirrel guy’s name in Ice Age? And those little noises he makes? Anyway that’s how I sounded while Jacob had his turn, I wanted to get out. Of the car I mean.  Personally I think I did pretty good for my first time. Oh, I took some videos which I could post I guess. Naw, use your imagination ;P

The other day we went to the drive-in theater and saw “Cats and Dogs” (not so great) and “Despicable Me” (awesome!) It was fun. -Katie


2 Responses to “Driving Lessons”

  1. Andreas Says:

    I envy you :P

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