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“Night on the Trampoline!” August 20, 2010

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Last night Mom let Betsy,Michael and Jimmy sleep outside on the trampoline, it was soooo fun, not really for them but Judah and I had a blast! After the little kids had gotten settled out there(it was almost pitch black), Judah and I donned our “ninja suits” ( my words) dark PJ’s in other words, and snuck outside. Creeping up to the side of the trampoline, we discovered that our ever so sneaky footsteps had been heard, but those “up top” were to “lazy” ( scared)  to look. Spying on them wasn’t enough, after listening for a while, Judah jumped up and- “BOO!!!” he shouted, making Betsy scream. Now caught, he resorted to hiding in the bushes and spooking them once in a while. Meanwhile I had escaped to hide behind a tree nearby, in the opposite direction of they’re searching flashlights(they were looking for me, by the way). After a while I snuck back under the trampoline to, in turn, jump up and do what Judah did. No, I did something a bit different, just for a change of scene ;P  I screamed, you know screaming has a ripple affect . . . after that we left them alone, they had had enough trouble that night. -Katie  ps. my Mom cut her finger real bad last night too, bad enough to go to the ER :(


2 Responses to ““Night on the Trampoline!””

  1. Andreas Says:

    I heard about that… Did she ever find it?

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