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Packing! (yay!) August 24, 2010

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Today we packed. It was fun(I love typing the word *was*, the letters are so close they just click, if you know what I mean). I also love packing, and for absolutely no reason too (I also love typing *absolutely*). I also love playing the piano. Plus, I also love my cat/s ( this is getting random), plus I discovered that I love hair-gel (no-joke) becuz’ it doesn’t stiffen up if you blow-dry it, and at the same time gets rid of frizz. I don’t love moving, though. Did you know that the closing date (the day the house is officially our’s) is the 30th? Oh, you didn’t? Well, that makes sense cuz’ I just now told you. Did you know that my doctor’s appointment is on the 30th, which just happens to be on a monday, so I just might not make it to karate ?(*sniff  *wiping eyes*) Plus, monday is my favorite day of the week.(on account of karate.Actually, make that the hour before karate :)  Anyway, the doctor’s appointment is for my Pilomatrixoma, they’re not going to take it out or anything, this is just something for the doc’ to figure out HOW to take it  out. When they DO take it out I’m going to be under anesthesia (not local). Dad was telling me some of the dangers of “being put under” and, um, He was kind of scaring me ( I think he was doing it on purpose) He didn’t really want me to use that kind but said that they couldn’t make me go though being awake. I REALLY want to go to karate . . . Oh sheesh, I only have 8 min left on my login, gotta go! -Katie


One Response to “Packing! (yay!)”

  1. Andreas Says:

    Well, I hope it goes well! we’ll miss you!

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