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:D September 1, 2010

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It’s really quite interesting, the contrast of Monday’s lousiness and today’s awesomeness ;)

Today we rented an open top trailer (did I mention that Mom got Mrs. R. to let us borrow Andreas for the whole day?) and piled boxes on it (not in the most organized fashion I must say), afterwords driving the stuff to the new house and unloading it. Good thing we brought sponges cuz’ Mom wanted us to wash the cabinets, inside and out. At this point Mrs. C. came over with her crowd of hide-and-seek seeking kids :) We dragged our sweaty selves and away from our sweaty work and played it (notice the dragged, we didn’t want to leave our fun work and go play hide and seek, na-uh not at all!). After  spending almost the whole day at the new house(working), we come home ( not before stopping at the store for easy-beef-whats-it’s-name ingredients)go outside and play more hide-and -seek, jump on the trampoline, eat dinner, and hide-and-seek (wait . . .).  In a word – Today. Was. Fun. ttyl -Katie


One Response to “:D”

  1. Joy A. Says:

    Girl, you are sooo hilarious. I love you.

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