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Getting settled September 17, 2010

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Well, there’s not so much to write about, other than us: finally unpacking some of the boxes in the girls room ;P, starting school :'( , and meeting new neighbors. Oh, and Michael locking a terrified me in the basement/cellar with all the lights out (come on, its pitch black down there! plus there’s spiders *shiver*)   Anyway, seeing that our house is ancient (i.e. 200 years): even when everyone is quiet, you still hear things! (e.g. drip drip, crrreeeeaaak!, thump . . .)

Yesterday I went for a bike ride to the gas station down the road with Michael and got an ice-cream bar (and half-and-half for Mom).Aprox. 4 miles.  It was pretty fun.

Well,I haven’t seen myl camera since we moved, I think I’m gonna start calling a couple of the friends who helped us and see if I left it in one of they’re cars.

Oh, and we finally got the piano moved to the new house (yes!) I missed it just as much as I thought I would.

I need money. I really should make an earnest effort to earn some.

I’ve discovered a new style of writing (its not really new, but its new to me cuz’ I just started using it). I might write a couple posts in it.

Before we got our internet back I figured out that if I took Dad’s ipod outside to the front yard and moved a couple feet to the road, I could get wifi ;P

Looking forward to monday ;)

Missing my camera.

I hope this was a good/amusing update, don’t look that great to me ;)  -Katie

Ps. Mom and I decided to playa joke on Dad and pretend to lisp when He gets home from work and see what he does ;P

PP.s Forgot to mention that the dryer that came with the new house broke too ;P


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