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Just Another B-day ;P October 23, 2010

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So, yesterday was Andreas’ Birthday, He turned 15.  It was really funny the way it worked out, at first we were going to go to His house for the party on Friday, then they were coming to our house on Saturday, that is until we heard that Dad wanted to work on the old house on that day, then we were back to their house on Saturday – and that’s finally where we went :D  While we were there Hannah got me to paint her toenails so they (her toenails) would match her Knights Night dress. I was in the process of doing this when Becca came over and knocked the bottle all over Hannah’s foot. I suggested that we just paint her whole leg, it would match even better. She said no, though I don’t know why, it sounded like a good idea to me :P  So, we were going to make a couple of movies, but we had to do the Piñata, which by the way, a few of us never even got to hit (including the b-day boy, which was kind of sad I think) The one who brought it down was Michael, he whacked the string with the plastic bat lol. After the younger kids left to go to Knights Night we decided to make a quick video of Andreas’ trying to decide which type of pizza to eat, and two little demon/angel thingy’s pop up to “help” him. It would probably have worked except for Judah wasn’t cooperating, Jacob isn’t the best cameraman, and – that’s mostly it actually. Anyway then we made a movie (it still has to be finished) of Michael walking into a picture and uh . . .tormenting those in it, that’s really the only kind of acting he’s good for lol.  After that we all (except for those at Knight’s Night) went into the other room and took turns telling Andreas why we appreciated Him.  Personally I had a whole list of stuff I was gonna say but just as soon as it was my turn and I felt his eyes on me, well, you know how in some cartoons you can actually see the people changing color? Anyway, could feel my head getting all hot. it’s easier talking to a whole room of people I don’t know than that. I thought what his parents said was really nice, it made me want my parents to say something like that to me. Anyway, I had a blast, and I’m fairly sure everybody else did too ;D -Katie


3 Responses to “Just Another B-day ;P”

  1. Andreas Says:

    Yeah, I guess it was good. Lol, j/k. It was great. Thanks! :D

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