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The Man-hunt October 26, 2010

Filed under: posts — Katie @ 9:39 pm

So, tonight Mom taught us a new game, one she always wanted to play when she lived in Panama (or was it Hawaii?) when she was little and her mom wouldn’t let her cuz she was too small. It’s called . . .*drum-roll*. . . Manhunt! It’s really fun, you take two team captains, and have them choose their players. One team hides (you play at night) while the other team counts, then the finding team looks for the hiding team, while the hiding team tries to sneak back to the pre-determined base. If one of the finding players sees one of the hiding players they have to catch them and put them at the base (no redeeming). After everybody is found you all join up at the base and play again! I really don’t know if there is any “winning” involved, it doesn’t really matter. Oh, and this is one case where the more really is the merrier.

After we finished we came inside and ate apple pie that I made (not to be conceited or anything, but I’m some kind of pie making genius ;P).


P.S. sorry no pics, my camera does terrible in no-light situations. Though I figure every camera does bad there, unless of course it’s a brand new 500$ HD camcorder with a built-in light ;P (total envy attack).


3 Responses to “The Man-hunt”

  1. Andreas Says:

    Actually, it’s still not good in the dark :P

    Man hunt! Cool! It’s KINDA like capture the flag, but not… If it’s alright with you, we’ve gotta do that sometime…
    Is it every man/woman for him/herself? ;)

    • Katie Says:

      That’s what I was thinking (about doing that sometime). Well, sortof . . . it depends, Betsy and I helped each other last night, and Johnny was afraid in the dark so he had partner ;)

  2. judah Says:

    Hay AJ you still cool?
    i’m cool.
    kt is still cool. . .

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