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Random pic’s November 18, 2010

Filed under: photos,posts — Katie @ 2:31 pm

Jes’ a bunch o’ random pic’s ;)  -Katie

this was when we were on some kind of mini-train, I didn't get the seat I wanted. And I didn't take this one, kind of obviously ;)


dont tel me this isn't cute :)



one of the few times where I let someone other than me touch my camera ;P

my baby . . . I don't know WHY everybody hates her, it's not like she's mean or anything . . .




thats the fridge




10 Responses to “Random pic’s”

  1. Joy A. Says:

    Hi, Katie! I’m Andreas’ friend and I like drawing a lot. May I draw your pictures that you’ve posted here? If you want to see any of the pictures I’ve already drawn, you can ask Andreas to show them to you on facebook.

    ~Joy A.~

    • Katie Says:

      Hi Joy, Hannah’s told me about you ;) I would be delighted if you drew my pic’s, I’ve always wanted to draw but it doesn’t seem to be in me :) I’ve seen your profile picture on FB, you did a wonderful job.

  2. Joy A. Says:

    Thanks!! When they’re done, I can email pictures of them to Hannah who can then email them to you, if you want. (To clarify my earlier statement about Andreas showing you my pics on FB, I meant that whenever you saw each other and one of you had access to FB, Andreas could bring up my profile page and pics, and could then show them to you. I actually wasn’t thinking about Hannah at that moment, who could do the exact same thing…) Okay, hopefully that last part makes some amount of sense. Anyways, I’ll get started on my drawing as soon as I can :)

  3. Joy A. Says:

    I think I’ll start with one from an older post (Not enough words…), the smiling baby. I’ll also try the one of you (the one with the baby carrier on your back). Sometime I may even try the rose… For now, those are the ones I think are the best for drawing in graphite.

    p.s. did Hannah ever show you the pic of Shoshanna I drew?

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