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first christmas! :) December 12, 2010

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Well, this year is our first year celebrating Christmas, and let me tell you, IT IS FUN :D I’m obsessed with presents, Judah and I wrapped one for Mom and I don’t even want her to open it the wrapping is so nice :P  Michael and John cut down a tree from our backyard (kind of scrawny). There are tons of presents under it. Even though this is our First, I’ve decided that buying stuff for everyone else is AWESOME!  I just wish Christmas was ALL year :) And Judah has already started saying stuff people who’ve been doing this forever say: “Mom, can we celebrate Christmas a week early?”  The “present” situation also affords me lots of picture-taking possibilities :)

present time! present time! open the present and see what's inside! :)

Judah made the 1 in the middle, say's it's himself

ok, yes, it's a bad pic'. but thats cuz' I was rushed. Oh,and He only did it because I dared him . . . for a dollar

Merry Christmas! -Katie :)


Ps. I forgot to mention that I am now (according to me at least) a certified song writer, just finished my first song :)


One Response to “first christmas! :)”

  1. judah Says:

    you forgot the true meaning of Xmas!
    bah! humbug!

    P.S.katie did not give him a dollar.

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