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New years January 6, 2011

Filed under: photos,posts — Katie @ 4:26 pm

Hello and sorry for not writing sooner, I guess it’s really too late to name this New Years, oh well. We’ve been VERY busy.

Anyway, the new years party was a blast. Regretfully I did not take any pictures. My camera does awful at party’s and stuff like that :(   And since I’m short on time I’ll just give a summary: We had a snowball fight, gorged ourselves on junk food, played Apples to Apples, played Manhunt, got sprayed with silly string (that string was SO silly!), messed up someones counter-thingy  (at least, I did [still sorry]), cleaned up after silly string (at least the boys did, they were the ones with it anyway. Well, except for Hannah, she had some too), said our sort of rushed good-byes, and the guests left. That is definitely summarized. Just spread that out over several hours and add some in-beetween-stuff and there you go :P

Weeeell, today I had a hard time with my school :( Especially math. And then at lunch time I got completely sidetracked taking pictures of . . . my math :) And my cookies. And my weird little picture that I drew . . . on my math. And the wall (no, I didn’t draw a pic on the wall). And the hall . . . you get the “picture” :P Then I made bread and muffins (which are in the oven right now actually).

my little weird pic . . . look closer

my cookie (don't laugh :P)

i'm so patriotic! (bottom right had corner)


stretch Judah! stretch! :P


Well, I guess that enough pics to overwhelm anyone so i suppose I’ll stop (i could go on thought)


P.s. my muffins burned :P

pp.s. and its very possible that the math problem is wrong :P


4 Responses to “New years”

  1. Joy A. Says:

    I laughed at your cookie–just because you said not to. ;P

    what are you using for math curriculum?

  2. Joy A. Says:

    I see.

    oh, and what’s a “counter-thingy”?

    p.s. did you get your math problem correct?

    lol I guess I’m in a commenting mood today :P

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