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Tales of an unfortunate sister January 25, 2011

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I was thinking the other day about- well, once there was this girl I knew who had so many brothers she didn’t know what to do (she used to live in a shoe, but they moved). We were great friends. Once she said to me that her brothers tormented her, and if any of the stuff she told me is credible (of that fact I do not doubt) some of the stuff she told me her brothers said was just scandalous. Like the time they told her that the reason David Gray sang like a sheep was because he had once had his tonsils out and then had sheep tonsils put in where his used to be because without tonsils a person sings really bad (according to the brother). Of course this wouldn’t have had anything to do with this girl, except for one thing; she didn’t have any tonsils. And the other time when her big brother told her that her eyes were the color of bird poop and dirt (which was true). And the OTHER time when they wouldn’t stop talking like The Annoying Orange AND called her a banana. And then when she expressed a wish to be called Teika for fun, her brothers (and friend) started calling her Tinkle (or was it twinkle?). And then once one of the aforesaid brothers told her she looked fat when she had just gotten over being real sick (thus, real skinny). And then the same brother teased her about knowing his math facts while she did not. And then another said long hair was a sign of being a caveman. . . . But all these were just slight grievances, nothing of major importance. Well, maybe the math facts. . . . Anyway! That’s what I was thinking of the other day, very interesting, do you not think so? -Katie .•)

P.S. I’m writing a book.


2 Responses to “Tales of an unfortunate sister”

  1. Joy A. Says:

    Well, I suggest that this girl you speak of try sending her brothers off to Timbuktu–or find someone who does not have any brothers (just annoying sisters) and ship them all to her (<–notice the implications of 'her') as quickly as possible.

    If that girl has a problem with her brothers talking like the Annoying Orange, then I can tell you of another girl (who has no brothers) whose MOTHER (of all people!) was imitating the Annoying Orange, AND Pear, AND Midget Apple, AND Marshmallow, AND Turnip. Relay my story to that girl and I think she might feel a little differently. (Oh, another thing: at least you're not like this kind of a banana! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LH5ay10RTGY )

    What IS of major importance?

    P.S. Hurry up and finish your book! ;)

    • Katie Says:

      I’ll try to get ahold of her :)

      Her MOM? Wow. . . . I think I like your friends mom. Why, that’s the exact type of banana they were calling her! (my friend I mean) They also called her an apple.

      Well let me see. If they had cut her hair while she was asleep, that would be of really major importance. And maybe if they broke her camera. Yeah, she would probably never recover. Like, ever.

      Weeeeell, you might have to wait a few years. Maybe. And you never asked what it’s going to be about ;)

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