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Hi…sorry I’ve been gone so long… May 13, 2011

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Tonight I lost myself playing Foozeball. It was disturbing to say the least. I started playing figuring I’d see how fast I could get all my points in without the other players moving at all…it took awhile, but I never got all mine in…it did. I lost to a bunch of stationary objects…on a score of ten to nine, the nine being myself. The last moments were very tense. I’ll be practicing I guess.

To change the subject to a more me-friendly topic; You’re probably wondering why there’s been no photo posts! Well here’s the truth, clear and simple, I left my camera in Alabama when we went there this winter, and it is still unfound at the house I left it at. Actually, this is not a me-friendly topic, I rather dislike it, so I’ll start again.

This winter we tapped our maple trees and made our own maple syrup. Plus the boys shoveled–a lot. I never have to shovel, hardly ever at least. And then when the snow melted Michael stuck lawn-mowing service fliers in everybody’s mail-boxes and now he’s filthy rich…and brown too, you’d never find someone so brown this early in the year. Now that the rains have pretty much stopped, we’ve been doing a lot of yard work, raking, cleaning out the raspberry patch, cutting down trees, planting flowers, ect. Oh, and we got some cute chicks who aren’t so cute anymore…not to mention dumb…and I’m planning to build a secret fort in a tree all by myself. Actually it’s not really BUILDING, it’s more like hanging a rope ladder on a tree and sticking a hammock up there…Uummm, and I like to draw on rocks with markers…anyway I think that’s all the new news for now. I think. I probably forgot some stuff. I’ll add it later, maybe. –Katie (I can’t believe I refrained from adding those faces I was dying to add in there! like this XP and this #_# and this too :O. But I persevered–sorta.)


One Response to “Hi…sorry I’ve been gone so long…”

  1. Joy A. Says:

    You absolutely HAVE to make a post about tomorrow (when it gets here, of course). :D

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