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Yesterday was tomorrow…or, Tomorrow was yesterday… May 21, 2011

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I have this “internet friend” named Joy who I know through mutual friends. We have known each other for several months now,and tried to meet a few times but those did not work out. But yesterday, I finally met her, of course, she met me too… Anyway, here it is in chronological order–from my point of view, because unlike my dream me, I cannot probe people’s minds ;)

The first half of the day I was in an agony of suspense, it appeared in all likelihood that our critical visit was going to be suspended. But at twelve we learned it wasn’t going to be canceled, and I almost ran upstairs to cry out my relief. After we finished cleaning, our guests finally arrived. I was trying to hide behind Hannah when Joy appeared around the corner. We hadn’t even had a chance to see each others face before–hey, I can safely say that I was NOT the one who started the hug. Besides, what else could you expect? Anyway, after that strange initial greeting (I don’t even think we said “Hi,” did we? If we did I was in too much of a daze to know) we stood there a minute, before going on a tour of the house. Michael was rather chagrined that the visitor had seen his bedroom, which just happened to be kind of dirty. And then there was the room with all the…pictures, also known as books. The tour done, we, Hannah, Joy, and I, went on a walk down our dirty dirt road, and then off a sidetrail for snowmobiles (at least, I think it’s for snowmobiles). Then we went to The Horse Lady’s (her name is Debbie-whoselastnameidon’tknow) pastures, in the hopes of seeing the horses that weren’t there. But we sat on the fence/gate. Which was cool. And took some photos. Which turned out pretty cool too. And I fell in the horse doo. But I landed on my feet so you can stop laughing now. And then we went to the house and did stuff…like jump on the trampoline and give indian chief names like Crooked Toes and climb trees and look at amazing drawings and blow out candles with our noses and eat dinner and jump some more on the trampoline–us kids used to call it a jumperline, for the simple reason that we knew of no other name. And then. And then. All too soon it was 8:00. And then even sooner it was 8:30. About that time I was given the best piggyback in my life, which I wouldn’t mind doing again sometime actually… Then after a little more stalling, we two medium huggy people hugged, and our awesome company left.



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