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No title. You know, I need another whim post soon… July 18, 2011

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This Saturday I went to help a neighbor lady who was giving a wedding party for her daughter. It was actually really fun, I just did random gopher-girl things, I set out food, made children’s plates and refilled lemonade pitchers, gathered dirty glasses and checked necessaries. Stuff like that. And I was paid (that was fun too). This was the family that Mom met at the “transfer station” (the dump. They have I think seven kids, one’s a missionary and one just got married. Anyway, the other kids, consisting of all boys except for an eight year old girl (she’s soo cute), had built a mini western shanty town, which in and of itself is pretty awesome, but if you have some 20-odd kids all playing RebelAgainstTheEvilSherifAndHisDeputies, it get even better. They even have a bar. That serves soda. And a bank and a inn and a church with a bell that rings for real and is the biggest building there. And they built all six buildings out of a tree house they took apart that their dad built out scraps from his business that has to do with something that gives him a lot of scrap lumber. They call it J’ville (Jay-ville), on account of the all boys names who built it beginning with J. It is by all accounts awesome. Ok, I guess you’re done reading me gush over a town, and I have to clean my room anyway.



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