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:) October 19, 2011

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Today we went to the mini-western-shantytown-people’s (also known as the P’s) house to give a little moral support. As in; we helped them stack wood from the trees they cut down from the cow pasture they’re clearing for the cow that they will buy whenever they’re done clearing the cow pasture. And dig dirt. Lots and lots of dirt. Not that I dug any…I passed the empty buckets back up the sand dune. And when we–they, were done digging dirt we climbed on top of it (it was in the back of a giant pickup) and rode back to their house to dump it in the pot holes in their looonnnng driveway. That’s pretty much all we did for about three hours straight. Then while we were waiting for Mom to come pick us J’s up (cuz she dropped us older ones, Jake to Betsy, off), we went up to J’ville. Mike ended up getting arrested. The judge (Joz) asked him to tell his story, it was quite pathetic (the story),I believe it went something along these lines…: “Well I got arrested because I ran away from Silas cuz he was beating me up! And I plead guilty!” and then he boohoo-ed. The jury decided in favor of execution…(I “ayed” loudest). But then he ran away. And then Mom came. And then we left. It was quite fun.

Written yesterday. ;)


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