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Just a tiny slice of news November 24, 2011

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So Judah and I cooked up a new tradition for the New Years parties. :D


:) October 19, 2011

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Today we went to the mini-western-shantytown-people’s (also known as the P’s) house to give a little moral support. As in; we helped them stack wood from the trees they cut down from the cow pasture they’re clearing for the cow that they will buy whenever they’re done clearing the cow pasture. And dig dirt. Lots and lots of dirt. Not that I dug any…I passed the empty buckets back up the sand dune. And when we–they, were done digging dirt we climbed on top of it (it was in the back of a giant pickup) and rode back to their house to dump it in the pot holes in their looonnnng driveway. That’s pretty much all we did for about three hours straight. Then while we were waiting for Mom to come pick us J’s up (cuz she dropped us older ones, Jake to Betsy, off), we went up to J’ville. Mike ended up getting arrested. The judge (Joz) asked him to tell his story, it was quite pathetic (the story),I believe it went something along these lines…: “Well I got arrested because I ran away from Silas cuz he was beating me up! And I plead guilty!” and then he boohoo-ed. The jury decided in favor of execution…(I “ayed” loudest). But then he ran away. And then Mom came. And then we left. It was quite fun.

Written yesterday. ;)


Birthdays and babysitters. Huh. October 5, 2011

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Christopher’s birthday today! (In case anyone cares to know.) He’s five.

I think I’ll go visit our new neighbors and offer myself as a babysitter for their little girls…like right now.


Overcrowded tavern, I guess. August 27, 2011

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Oh, I forgot to say, the other day, we went to the mini-western-shantytown people’s house. The tavern broke down…that is all. (We didn’t do it. Jes sayin’)


No title. You know, I need another whim post soon… July 18, 2011

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This Saturday I went to help a neighbor lady who was giving a wedding party for her daughter. It was actually really fun, I just did random gopher-girl things, I set out food, made children’s plates and refilled lemonade pitchers, gathered dirty glasses and checked necessaries. Stuff like that. And I was paid (that was fun too). This was the family that Mom met at the “transfer station” (the dump. They have I think seven kids, one’s a missionary and one just got married. Anyway, the other kids, consisting of all boys except for an eight year old girl (she’s soo cute), had built a mini western shanty town, which in and of itself is pretty awesome, but if you have some 20-odd kids all playing RebelAgainstTheEvilSherifAndHisDeputies, it get even better. They even have a bar. That serves soda. And a bank and a inn and a church with a bell that rings for real and is the biggest building there. And they built all six buildings out of a tree house they took apart that their dad built out scraps from his business that has to do with something that gives him a lot of scrap lumber. They call it J’ville (Jay-ville), on account of the all boys names who built it beginning with J. It is by all accounts awesome. Ok, I guess you’re done reading me gush over a town, and I have to clean my room anyway.



Yes! No…wait–what?? July 11, 2011

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^– I love that phrase.

Also; I have something living in my bedroom wall. It moved in the other day (don’t ask when, I don’t know). And it’s been tormenting me and my fellow bedroom dwellers (i.e. Betsy and Lilly. And Peter. And The Girl. And Dust Bunny and occasionally Spunky) for several days.

That is all.

Oh! And we put up The Pink Playhouse!

Aaannnd SOMEONE stuck a very large thorn in SOMEONE’S back at church today, forcing the victims completely involuntary reaction of dumping a cup of water on him and asking him what was wrong with him…no names folks. No names.




just some senseless ramblings along with my SAB & PAC June 28, 2011

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So tonight I was thinking about my sadly abandoned blog…and about my poor abandoned camera back in AL… And after a bit I came to the conclusion that all this won’t do. So I will be resetting my sista’s camera because she didn’t take care of it and gave it to her younger siblings as a plaything and they TOTALLY messed the settings up so the pictures it takes are AWFUL. I’ll lecture her about it later…but right now…I think I’ll ramble. I’ll think about all the things I’d like to do, all the things I’d like to accomplish, most of them impossible, and and when I’m done I feel like a piece of burnt toast. It’s true. Then I get on Facebook (or Skype) and chat with one of the few people who I really actually care to talk with so I feel like a piece of toast that isn’t quite so burnt as it used to be. Fudgecakes. Also, I’ve been working on my tendency to be sappy, I think I’m getting better. Oh, and chickens stink. Just saying.

I sewed some things…they’re purty. Moms birthday is coming up this week, but of course you already knew that. I think I’ll call this Random Fact Post…or not. Oh! And in July there will be an event called Sundae at the House which JAB (myself included) will be hosting. It will undoubtedly be VERY cool. They have sundaes there. See? I have a life too, just not a very big one. AND it’s a SECRET *entre evil genius me in a lab coat laughing crazily.*

I just realized that I am not in the best mood. This is probably my first post I’ve written in a bad-ish mood… Anyway, I’ve probably bored you enough with my senseless irritableness, I think I’ll go.